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Certified manufacturer of aluminum fire-resistant fixtures (PONZIO) - up-to-date certification issued by the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw – fixed fire-resistant windows, opened fire-resistant windows, fire-resistant doors, fire-resistant facades, fire-resistant walls, fire-resistant showcases.

Certified manufacturer of regular aluminum joinery (PONZIO, ALUPROF)- windows, doors, facades, skylights, walls, showcases, winter gardens.

Certified manufacturer of aluminium smokeproof doors (PONZIO)

Our fire-resistant products have the highest (1st) class of fire resistance, in accordance with European norms (EI15, EI30, EI60).

All of our products have required certification, declarations of conformity and approvals.

We manufacture ventilated elevations.





    Creditreform Polska certifies, that the SIMBUD according to the analysis prepared on 29 November 2013 was granted the Insolvency Index amounting to (267): good payment capability

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    Koksztys certifies that SIMBUD provides adequate legal in business, contracts and settlements with counterparties.

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  • Business information

    We are pleased to announce that SIMBUD Ltd. has been awarded with the title of"Gepard Biznesu 2013" within a procedure overseen by The Institute of Modern Business and "Europejska Firma" Magazine in cooperation with Infocredit company.
    From 10.09.2012 to 14.09.2012,representatives of the company SIMBUD Sp. z o.o. took part in business meetings in Lebanon.
    We conducted talks with representatives of companies from Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We also participated in business talks at offices of Lebanon's economic organisations, e.g.
    - National Council of Entrepreneurs in Beirut
    - Business Incubator BIAS in Tripoli
    - Research and Development Centre in Beirut
    - Association if Industrial and Agricultural Enterprises in Beirut
    - the IBL Bank in Beirut
    These meetings bore fruit in the form of specific arrangements concerning the performance of contracts in the Middle East.
    On 12.10.2012, a meeting of representatives of SIMBUD Sp. z o.o. and representatives of companies from Lebanon was held. The meeting focused on future commercial cooperation involving deliveries of aluminium and glass structures to Dubai.
    This meeting was a continuation of previous talks conducted in Beirut and Tripoli.

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  • Facades,windows,doors,fire structures,skylight,facade roller blinds,HairPlan panels for WIPAK POLAND

    Currently we have started production aluminium constructions, ordinary and fire safety, for AKBiK Sp. z o.o.(school with sports hall in Dobrzyn), aluminium facades for V-MOTORS Sp. z o.o. (VOLVO car schowroom in Wrocław) and more others projects.
    In April 2016 we have started delivery and assambly ordinary and fire safety aluminium constructions for: PRODIGO Recykling, AKBiK (University of Technology in Wrocław), Sash Factory Ltd in London (UK), ENERGOPIAST.Currently we have started delivery and assambly ordinary and fire safety aluminium constructions (windows,doors, facades) for: Pro-Tra Building Sp. z o.o.,EKO Sp.j., ATLAS WARD Polska Sp. z o.o.,GAMA BAU Sp. z o.o.,ARPET sc, EKO Sp.j.In August we have started delivery and assambly aluminium constructions for: DEV POL, AKBIK,MGC INWEST,QUBUS HOTEL, ATLAS WARD. In April and Mai 2015 we have started delivery and assambly aluminium constructions: ordinary and fire safety doors and windows, facades, skylights to: "Panorama of Battle of Racławice"-2 stage, IMKA in Luban-2 stage, DEV-POL Sp. z o.o.S.k. in Wrocław, CCC S.A. in Polkowice, CADAGUA in Jelenia Góra
    In February 2015 we have started delivery and assambly aluminium constructions: skylights,ordinary and fire safety doors and windows for: PTF in Warsow,IMKA in Lubań, PPHU MiG.In November 2014 we have started delivery and assambly:aluminium skylights,ordinary and safety doors and windows,aluminium facades for the companies:J&S,Deka Inwestycje,SLP,Dozamel,Brendinas.In September 2014 we have started delivery and assambly for the investments projekts:aluminium facades and fire safety doors to Town Hall in Dzierżoniów, automatic fire safety doors to Hotel Orbis in Wrocław,skylights, facades to "Panorama of the Battle of Racławice" in Wrocław, fire safety doors for building Fundation in Oleśnica,skylights for Brendinas s.r.o.In August 2014 we have completed delivery and assambly: ordinary and fire safety doors for High School number 3 in Wroclaw.In June 2014 we have signed an agreement to contract fire safety and ordinary windows and doors for Pelescrime. We have signed an agreement to contract aluminium constructions for the investments project: Petrol Stations LOTOS in Wroclaw.In February 2014 we have signed an agreement to contract fire safety aluminium windows for Dijo Baking Horeca Service. In January 2014 we have signed an agreement to new contracts aluminium constructions: ordinary and fire safety windows and doors, fire safety facades, structural facades,a glass casing of a panoramic lift for the investments projekts called: CADAGUA in Jelenia Gora, Polytechnic in Wrocław-object Technopolis;creche, clinic and Academic Clinic in Wroclaw.

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